Things to keep in mind when straightening hair

Things to keep in mind when straightening hair

Do you Straighten your hair every day? Are you tired of passing the iron every day before going to work? Or when you want to look different at a party? Are you tired of noticing your dry hair from using the iron every day? If so, there is a solution: Permanent Straightening.

Just as you can permanently make permanent, you can also definitively straighten your hair producing incredible results. Your hair will stay every day as if you had just ironed your hair. What is the permanent Hair Straightening?

Permanent Hair Straightening

The permanent smoothing is the processes that pass the hair to maintain the smooth shape, usually the people who get the treatment are those who have it curly or wavy; it is done by a Hair Straightener.

Definitive Hair Straightening: Advantages


This is a Japanese process that takes around 4 hours. Natural Hair Straighteningis also known as ion thermal smoothing. It consists of a process that makes the cuticle of the ends well sealed in all the hair. The straightening lasts about 8 months.
Another type of smoothing treatment is the one that uses keratin, also known as Brazilian Straightening , and is applied to the hair by activating it through heat. It must be recognized, however, that this is a chemical process of aggression greater than a dye, so it is essential to follow the hairdresser’s instructions during the days after straightening hair.

Among some of the precautions that must be taken when undergoing a hair smoothing process is not to wet your hair or expose it to moisture and do not use buckles or anything similar that can mark it for at least a full week. After this, it is necessary to continue taking care of the hair with cream baths and hair masks.

Now, first of all, What are the Advantages of Definitive Hair Straightening?

The advantages are that in a suitable place and by professionals the hair will be beautiful, bright, straight and with a very soft texture. You will not have to spend the iron every day so you will save a lot of time, in addition to the hair will have smoother than if you pass the iron.

Among the disadvantages we can mention that this process subjects the hair to chemical agents more intense than a dye for example and in the long run it can reduce shine and luminosity to the hair. Something that diminishes the danger is to make the smoothing for professionals in hairdressers and beauty centers highly known and recommended.

This will significantly reduce the bad consequences. Also, do not forget that you must follow each and every one of the instructions that professional at Meegash center give you for the days after the smoothing. Another disadvantage could be the price, since it is a rather expensive technique but it is worth it because it will be giving you comfort and you will be saving time, a lot of time.

The technique of definitive hair straightening is the most common that exists and all are beginning to try it. When you do it, you will see how comfortable it is.

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