Lengthen the hair by means of keratin Hair Therapy

Lengthen the hair by means of  Keratin Hair Therapy

The Keratin is a treatment ideal for damaged hair, regular curls or unruly curls. What is achieved by applying this product is to rebuild and hydrate it in depth, which has a greater softness and shine.
The keratin treatment goes with the washing’s, so the more you wash it the more it drains away. It is recommended to use twice a week (although it also depends on your type of hair, whether it is oily or dry).
You can dye your hair after applying keratin to your hair but you should wait a reasonable time, about 3 weeks.

What products should I use on my hair?

For the Keratin Express Treatment to last as long as possible it is necessary to take care of the hair with certain products that we tell you next.diffrent hair style
In the market, there is a wide range of products with very good results but if you do not know which to choose, ask your trusted hairdresser Meegash, he will recommend the best for your hair type and objective.
In addition, often, the Keratin Hair Relaxer centers themselves that carry out this type of procedure sell their own products.
1. Shampoo: The shampoo must be free of chlorides since this drags the keratin eliminating it. It is important to note that it has a  neutral pH or without salt so that the cuticle is not opened and thus, keeps the treatment last longer.
2. Conditioner: This must contain keratin, so you will replenish the one that is being eliminated when washing your hair.
3. Sunscreen: Use this type of product after keratin hair therapy. Keep in mind that the treatment will last less time when your hair comes in contact with substances such as chlorine and salt. To reduce your loss, we recommend that you clarify the salt or chlorine in a short time.
4. Sunscreen: You must take into account what is your goal with keratin if you want to reduce frizz and curls a bit or achieve perfect smoothness.
Depending on what it is, you will have made one type of keratin or another and then you must choose the products according to it, with more or less of that substance in its composition. For the smooth “table” you should have a higher level of keratin than if you want it wavy.

Combining Hair after Keratin Treatment

Iron, brush, diffuser or air: after washing it, comes the hairstyle and you have to know the style you want, smooth, wavy or curly. Think that your hair is still the same and we can apply a product that helps us in the hairstyle such as foam, thermal protectors for iron and dryer, gels, serum or wax both before and after the hairstyle.
If your style is smooth, choose the brand of Brazilian Keratin Treatment that smoothens, then dry the hair with the dryer directing it with the air to the smooth and helping your fingers. When it is completely dried then it passes through the strands as you did before and you will see how quickly it stays completely smooth with a pass and what shine it has.

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