Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure

Feet and hands are parts of our body that we sometimes do not pay enough attention to. Nowadays manicure and pedicure is of great importance in the cosmetic world, since it improves the appearance of the hands and feet in an impressive way. However, it is not just about beauty or appearance, but also about health.  However, you can take advantage of them with a good Manicure And Pedicure.

Manicure and Pedicure services helps to keep our hands and feet clean and safe. We should get them done on a periodic basis so that we look presentable always. Hands and feet are used the most and it should be taken care off so that we don’t look shabby when in front of someone.

  • Pedicure and manicure help you to shape up your nails
  • Keeping them clean helps to stay healthy.
  • You can relax and get the hand and foot massage done along with the activity.

A Skin specialists offer different treatments for the nails (of hands and feet) to their clients.  They also work in art and fashion for nails, for example, painting them in different styles. Manicure specialists also apply, repair and remove false nails or extensions.

What are the main types of manicures and pedicures that exist? We review the main services offered in our salons. The services we offer at the Meegash Beauty Centre help improve the health of your nails, hands and feet

Services provided by us:

Professional Manicure Services

Our manicure services are diverse and we recommend those that most excellent suit your requirements: express and normal manicure, enduring enamel, spa manicure, luxury, paraffin treatment

We recommend a broad diversity of manicure services for your hands with a fast, innovative and high-quality service.

  • Classic Manicure. Ideal option to always look perfect hands at any time and at any time. Choose your enamel color and presume nails.
  • Long Duration Manicure. The perfect option to shine your hands and your shine for much longer thanks to our permanent enameling.
  • Manicure Spa. Take care of your hands inside and out thanks to our relaxing and nourishing massage with which you will get perfect hands.


At Meegash, we take great care of your feet by embellishing your nails, treating the cuticles, smoothing hardness & calluses, exfoliating, nourishing and massaging. We propose a wide range of pedicures in our salons.

  • Classic Pedicure. The best care for your feet with the freshest air and the coolest colours of the season.
  • Long-Term pedicures. Permanent gel pedicure that does not damage your nails and keeps them in perfect condition for weeks. A luxury for your feet.
  • Pedicure Spa. An authentic wellness experience for your feet thanks to our relaxing and regenerative massage for the health of your feet.

Our Mini Mani-Pedi services have been recognized because they transport to a level of total relaxation. At Meegash Spa you will find four different types of Manicure and Pedicure, each with a distinctive seal and worthy of enjoyment.

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Professional Services

Experts have hands down experience in dealing with all sorts of nails i.e. strong or weak, long or short. It helps you to get a good first impression and keeps you up to date in looks.

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