Pro Bridal Beauty Tips Need to Know for Every Bride

15 Pro Bridal Beauty Tips Need to Know for Every Bride

Imagine, every eye is on you, and the man of your dream is waiting for you. Here, you come flaunting in your best dress and everyone is celebrating your presence. You feel delighted and blessed, thanking God for this beautiful life. Soon, this dream is going to come true.

Nothing is less than perfect on the wedding day, decoration, seating arrangement, delicious food, and many more things. You are contented with your wedding dress, sandals, and jewelry but what can bring a slight wrinkle on your head is the anxiety of perfect makeup. Everything is pre-decided except makeup because it is done on the same day. Although you have taken a trail before which in my view is compulsory, still, this thought may haunt you.  If you miss the shot on this part, the whole look will ruin despite carrying the best outfit of the world. I think makeup is the primary goal of every bride, if not, the reason you are reading this blog is proof of that.

I know you don’t want to miss this shot, to ensure that, I bring you some professional bridal beauty tips that as a bride you must know-

  1. Stay Hydrated

always stay hydrated

Makeup is a one day game, rest you have to prepare your skin much before your wedding day. With that said, staying hydrated is the fundamental thing for healthy skin. At least eight to ten glass of water a day.

In the night our skin is most likely to recover because our skin also rests with us. Pamper it well with moisturizer before going to bed. As makeup is harsh on our skin, preparing it well before the D-day should be your ritual now.

  1. Sunscreen

use sunscreen lotion

Now you may think a weirdo is there giving you strange suggestions. Sunscreens are the best for skincare irrespective of the season. If your wedding is on the beach or something, it’s already there in your kit but in winter under your makeup, yes, it is important here too.

It can make your skin look extra white but for counter-effect, use darker shade foundation over it.

  1. Avoid Doing Makeup in Artificial Lights

makeup in artificial lights

You may feel satisfied while putting makeup on your skin in artificial yellow lights, as you step out of it, a freaky contrast can ruin your look. The practice of doing makeup in daylight can save you. It will make your job further easy if you know the lights that will flash on your face.

  1. Primer

Ask your mom how they use to start their makeup then. Most of them will say- with foundation. The beauty industry has grown since then, the advantage of which you are having right now. Makeup is an art, so it deserves to stay longer which is only possible by applying primer. Primer helps the makeup to stay for a longer time. It reflects even and flawless skin.

  1. Facials

bridal facials

A few months before your wedding day, start taking facials seriously, at least three to four. Facial improves complexion and brighten every corner of your face-under. You will get rid of eye darkness, around the mouth, and pigmentation on the head.

Those who want to stick to DIY, primer are essential. The rest of the makeup will blossom on a smooth base of your face which you get after applying primer.

Expert’s tip– Start your makeup after five minutes of primer’s application.

  1. Layering and Blending

layering and blending brush

As a bride, maybe, you are conscious of the cakey makeup but you don’t want to be modest, you are a bride. I know you will not allow your sister to shine more than you. Jokes apart; this can be dealt with a pro trick.

Layering and blending your foundation will help you escape from heavy makeup. Apply your stuff in small quantity, layer by layer, blending it well in your skin. I feel using only brush for blending doesn’t let the makeup to settle. Initially, you can use hand and later brush to wipe outlines.

  1. Fake Lashes

consider your fake lashes

The old paradigm of makeup may work on the big eye with dense lashes. Today, a new pattern has takeover and beauty has no limits. Every look is achievable if you wish to have it. Many girls want to stay natural, ok, this is appreciable, but the wedding day is only one in your lifetime. There is nothing wrong with using fake lashes for a fanciful look.

  1. Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara

waterproof eyeliner and mascara

Wedding is a long day function; you can’t afford your eye makeup to slip off on this day. Waterproof products are indeed helpful to cope with this situation. As the wedding is an occasion when you witness all feelings altogether, so even if you cry, your mascara and eyeliner stay.

  1. Eye Shadows and Blush

bridal eyeshadow looks and blush

Colors can do wonder in enhancing your look. Gone those days of conventional pink blush on cheeks, you have more options in the color palette. I am not advising you to experiment on your wedding day but your trial; you can ask your bridal makeup artist to try different colors on your face. Take your wedding outfit with you when you go on trial. This will help your artist to understand the combinations of colors to try.

  1. Lip Shade

Lip Shade looks bridal

Red color is dominant in Indian weddings for lips. I suggest you try modern shades instead of clichéd. Bright pink in liquid matte rather gloss, red velvet, burgundy, plum, etc.  you can choose as per your skin shade.

Pro tip– moisturize your lips well before applying matte to avoid peel off.

  1. Avoid Trendy Look


A trendy celeb look sounds good but in reality, it may not work. I have seen many brides going after trendy makeup look and let me tell you that it steals your originality.

Unless you are carrying it really well, it is useless to recreate any look. Your original look can beat even the trendy one. All you need is a bit of confidence and smile on your face.

  1. Personal Makeup Kit

bridal makeup kits

Once you are done with your makeup, time to keep essential stuff in your kit. God forbid if anything goes wrong with your makeup, you will have your things to correct it.

Making your personal makeup kit doesn’t mean putting all things in it. You can keep things like safety pins, bobby pins, lip shade, brush, compact, and other touch-up materials in your kit.

  1. Contouring

contouring for brides

Contouring is used to get a laser-sharp structure to your face. If you are already skinny, you probably don’t need it. Those wanting to reduce their cheekbones can use it.

Contouring is in trend, almost all artist use this. Heavy contouring can counter its effect. Remember you don’t want to look a squeezed-face girl in photographers and selfies.

  1. Setting Spray

Though you have used waterproof makeup material, for extra protection, have spray on your final makeup. As you may have to stay for more than ten hours with that makeup, spray will ensure your makeup stays intact.

  1. Blotting Sheets / Tissue Paper

blotting papers or sheets

If your skin is oily and you are thinking about compact for a solution, you might be wrong. Reapplying compact may leave your skin with small patches. The better solution to absorb oil is using tissue or blotting sheet.

So, these were some tips for flawless makeup for a bride-to-be, I hope this will help.

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