Best Way to Take Care of Your Hair

Environment and seasons affect our hair health, maintaining the same in every situation is not an easy task. Typical advice from our grandmother’s demands time but our fast-paced life doesn’t allow it. Also, not every process suits to everyone. So, what could be the best ways to take care of your hair?

Before knowing the best ways, we should know our hair to give the best treatment to it. Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin.  The bond through which they are attached decides the pattern of our hair- curly, wavy, straight etc.

Have you ever experienced frizz coming out within ten minutes after you are off from the mirror? When you can’t afford to flaunt with open hair, you end up pulling it over and tying it. At times, it is very annoying because no hairstyle works on unmanageable hair. But don’t get disheartened due to this. Here is a list that can keep your hair problems- split ends, dandruff, thin hair, color fading, etc.

Hair Wash and Conditioning

shampoo and conditioning

Generally, you end up creating more problems when you choose a shampoo for your hair problems. For instance, shampoo that you use for the removal of dandruff is harsh on our scalp. They may remove dandruff but also steal natural oil from your hair making it dull and dry. Then you plan to get another shampoo for this problem and fall in a loop if you want to get out of it, follow these tips-

  • Choose products free from paraben and sulfate
  • Choose according to hair type-curls, wavy, straight

Do visit a salon, if you still feel any trouble. Hairstylists know hair type and they apply shampoo and conditioner accordingly. You really can’t resist touching your hair after a salon treatment.

Hair conditioning is as important as shampooing. For better conditioning apply lavender oil or tea tree oil before shampoo. Apply chemical-free conditioner after shampoo and wash it off after five minutes.

Hair Drying

blow drying

Leaving hair to dry naturally is the healthiest way to dry out hair. If possible avoid heat blow. Freshly conditioned hair is the best to detangle knots with a wide-tooth comb. Start from the end and continue till scalp (people generally do the reverse).

If you want to style your hair, set the blow drier at warm instead of hot. Keep the required distance from hair while blow-drying hair. In such type of task, you can feel someone’s help, so you can try visiting a salon for blow drying to get a finished look.

Hair Styling

keratin treatment Noida

No hairstylist denies occasional hairstyling but it can cause problems if you use it regularly. There are no worries if you want to use ironing, rollers for occasional parties and all. Ironing won’t affect your hair much if you apply heat protectant before ironing.

Many girls are fond of straight hair but daily ironing is not a good practice. If your hair is resilient, you can try permanent straightening methods- rebonding, keratin treatment, perming etc. The result may last for four to five months and you don’t need to do daily ironing.

Don’t try hairstyles that are hard on your roots instead wear a hairband and keep your hair open and let it breathe.

Dyeing and Coloring

global hair coloring

You are not going to take a heavy toll on yourself if you do global hair coloring once in a while. However you must avoid it as much as you can but ask your hairstylist to put paraben free products, if you are really tempting to color your hair. If you want to hide your grey, you can go for root-touch up instead of global hair coloring. If you want to avoid coloring, mix Mehendi, egg and lemon water, and apply it twice a week.

Don’t Brush too Often

Use wide teeth comb and avoid too much brushing. Yes, it is true that brushing encourages hair growth but doing it too often can cause frizz and split ends.

Regular Trim


You can get a haircut if you are not worried about length however every girl should get hair trim every six to eight weeks. Split ends prohibit healthy hair growth, so schedule your trim for hair care.

Oiling and Head Massage

head massage Noida

Hair oiling and head massage increase blood circulation in the scalp. It promotes new hair growth. However, head massage should be given by a professional as per the doctor’s suggestions. There are many salons which have trained and skilled professionals, so you can get it done from there.

Maintain Your Health

protein rich food for hair

Maintaining overall health must be your priority because no tips and tricks can work unless you have good health. Eating protein-rich food is good for hair health. If you are non-vegetarian, you can add egg, fish, chicken in your diet otherwise eat pulses to increase protein intake.

Stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water. Eat juicy fruits or vitamin-C rich foods like orange. Enjoy vegetable soup in winters.

Remove Stress

Stress is the main reason for hair loss. Include physical exercise in your daily schedule to avoid stress. You can try yoga, meditation, jogging, etc. to relieve stress.

If you want to maintain your hair health, do follow these tips. Your hair will turn shinier, healthier, and smoother.


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