Bridal Makeup Looks Perfect for Every Kind of Bride

India has been a realm of royal ancestry where women were dolled up as goddesses for their weddings. Times changed, kingdoms fell; but what remained was eloquent of a tradition that resides in every woman since her childhood. Today, Weddings are taken with a tone of extreme delicacy where the bride is embellished to an epitome of elegance and beauty. As likely it is for every woman to garb under her unique wedding attire, it is equally important for her to choose the right makeover that will make her look even prettier.

Royal Goddesses of South

south-indian-bridal style

Shimmery eyes with lips drenched in either peachy nude or warm reds. A round statement bindis sparkling elegance and a contoured face buffed up to perfection. A bride in South India is a vision to behold. Lovely, simple and traditional, these women during their wedding certainly live up to that appeal. Natural and subtle makeup complimenting the bright bridal saris with zari borders and statement maang-bindis is what helps these goddesses concoct a fine balance between bold and beautiful effortlessly. While Telugu Bridal makeover stresses upon maang-tika that blends into the braided hair with a highlighted forehead, it also embraces ombre effect on the eyeshadow. Likewise, a Kerala bridal makeover constitutes a traditional bridal white sari with striking gold zari border. Bright orange sarees garbed with elegant golden zari are just as popular.

Opt for a shade of bronze or muted gold eye shadow with a base or foundation that will suit your skin tone really well. Going for a fairer shade as compared to your body will be a miss-match between your face and the rest of the body. Special attention should be paid to make your face look flawless by blending.

You can accentuate your kohl filled eyes with soft black eyeliner. Deep Rose hues, plums and golden browns help underline the positives on cheeks. For dusky-skinned brides, choosing shades like brown, light pink and peach will look muddy. Choosing a shade for lips shouldn’t be hard that works for every light, indoor as well as outdoor. Lip color should be just one tone darker than your natural lip color for an effortlessly elegant look.

Tradition & Elegance from Bengal


A Bengali bride is always decked out to a concoction of bold, beautiful and traditional. A touch of bold red lip toned with blush and a sharp winged eyeliner to highlight the bronze-hued eyeshadow; these brides are dolled up to accentuate the famous Bengali almond-shaped eyes. Go for a dark color like a deep brown, bronze or purple for dusky skin tones.

Let your face and makeup do the talking by using a tinted moisturizer under your foundation. This will give a certain sheen to your skin or if you have reddish under-eye circles, getting a corrector in green or orange will help neutralize them for your foundation. Finish off your base with loose powder.

Traditional customs such as the Chandan Bindi designs which are intricately drawn on foreheads and the elaborate crown called The Mukut are worn for prosperity and good luck. Strong well-defined eyebrows and heavy, luscious eyelashes wonderfully complement traditional bridal adornments. A Bengali bride stands out and shines in her traditional Indian bridal makeup and carries her look with panache. Go light on the cheeks if you are going heavy with your eyes and lips. A highlighter on your cheekbones and a deep powder to contour your cheeks would work well.

Glorious Brides of Punjab


Punjabi weddings are the embodiment of everything that makes a joyful and extravagant Indian wedding loud, boisterous and full of fun. Punjabi brides, like other north Indian brides, are usually dressed up in dark reds. The Punjabi bridal makeup look enhances the bride’s natural glow and compliments her bright, bold and vivacious bridal attire.

Soft pink lips, shimmery eyes and long lashes are Punjabi bridal staples. A nice matte foundation is advisable along with a wear primer underneath. Since North Indian brides are mostly garbed in vibrant hot-pinks or, you can opt for nice, winged eyeliner in a matte black paired with a neutral shimmery shadow and oodles of mascara for eyes.

Again, highlighter is a very quick way to make your face appear slimmer by applying it down the center of your face for contouring. You can begin with the center of eyebrows and crescent your way down to the cheeks. Apply highlighter on the bridge of your nose and just above your upper lip and the middle of your chin for a splendid makeover. If you have a fair skin complexion, you can rock that bold red lip as long as you’re careful not to get it on your teeth or smudge it onto your nose. If you have a dusky complexion, you can reach out for any shade of peach or nude to pair with heavy eyes.

Using black eye shadow can help you make the look more dramatic. A nice rosy glow with a mid-toned blush on the cheeks will keep it simple yet elegant. Opt for a fuchsia shade in pink and rock a pop-lip.

Jashn-E-Nazaqat Muslim Bridal Style


A Muslim bride is all about being elegant, pretty, sophisticated and seamlessly majestic. A sense of Nazaqat is the holy grail of every Muslim bride. Stars align when these ladies as they dress up for their Nikah. Brides, these days are experimenting with their lip and eye color. While Gold eyeshadows and red lips are traditional Indian bridal makeup adorned my Muslim brides, they are opting for peachy-coral lips paired with long-winged liner and blushed cheeks. Some choose to keep it all minimal by picking elegant pastel shades whereas others take their fashion game a notch above by going all gold. There is usually a great emphasis on the eyes. Muslim bridal makeup includes heavy contouring & highlighting too.

The Ethereal Bridal Style


This look embraces our brides who will be walking down the aisle. Our bridal makeup tips will help you achieve a light glow in concoction with your natural glow; perfect for a church wedding. You can start with the base by applying a moisturizer or a toner. Use a lightweight foundation and line your upper lash line with soft eyeliner. For those with medium or light brows can define them by filling in. Applying a nude-ish soft pink lipstick will complete your look. It is recommended you give your face a dewy makeup finish, this makeover will be ideal for outdoor weddings.

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