Different kinds of manicure and pedicure services at Meegash Salon

Different kinds of Manicure and Pedicure services at Meegash Salon it is listed among the top salons in Noida. It has an experience of about 10 years. It is the best Nail and Pedicure Salon in Noida…

Meegash salon is listed among the top salons in Noida. It has an experience of about 10 years. It is the best Nail and Pedicure Salon in Noida. Meegash has certified as well as well experienced therapists who are very dedicated towards providing the best services to their customers. It has fully customized packages which are adapted according to the personal needs of the customer.

We believe in providing the best services keeping the client’s comfort in mind.Meegash provides a wide range of services including Manicure, pedicure, hair styling, hair treatment, professional makeup, permanent straightening, nail art, hair color, hair spa, etc, but it is known for its unique Nail Treatments. It includes nail overlays, Cuticle Removal (only the dead part is removed), Shellac Coating, Nail Extension and Nail Art and many other services.

It is also specialized in applying customized nail art. In the nail extension, a lightweight plastic plate is glued on the nail which is given the shape of a nail in order to increase the length of the nail. Fiberglass, gel, acrylic or any other similar type of mixture is applied on the top of the extended nail in order to add the strength as well as shine to the extended nail.

File and polish is the final as well as the most important stage of any type of nail treatment. In the nail overlays process the step of nail extension is skipped. Instead of using an artificial nail, a strengthening mixture is applied to the nail in order to increase strength as well as durability to the nail.

Everyone wants their look to be perfect when they are going out for any function or a party; whether it’s the hair or the nail or makeup, everything should look just perfect. Thus, Nail spa salon has gained great importance in this modern world. It has become a necessity for a woman who wants to look perfect.

Benefits of Artificial Nails:

  • The artificial nails helps in concealing or fixing of broken as well as damaged nails.
  • It also help in preventing nail biting, breakage as well as splits.
  • When you are not able to grow the desired length or your nails, you can go for the artificial nails. They would also help in increasing the strength of the nails.

Nail Care Tips:

  • Do not peel of the dry skin which grows along the nails. You should keep it hydrated and should not peel your gel manicure.
  • If the hangnails are not trimmed properly then you should not cut them off rather you should apply some moisturizer on it.
  • You should never cut your cuticles. Instead of cutting them, use cuticle removing solution.
  • Avoid using local nail paints as they can affect your nail’s strength as well as shine.
  • Avoid using water-based manicure treatment.
  • Direction plays a great role while filing your nails. Do not use back and forth motion while filing. Instead of this, use one fluid motion.

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