eye makeup artist

Eye Makeup Artist

Your eye can create a magnetic effect only when you have a perfect eye makeup. A right makeup artist will perform eye makeup according to the occasion and time. Our proficient eye makeup artists are highly trained to provide you the best eye look. We focus on fine detailing for the best outcome.

Our Eye Makeup Services

First and foremost, we moisturize your eye to keep the natural glow intact. We also apply products which help to retain makeup for a long day.

  • Our products are of premium quality which will not create irritation and burning in or around your eye
  • Customize your eye makeup with us. We can give your eyes a smoky vibe, a spot of color, a brownish touch.
  • We use volumizing mascara for instant lengthening of eye-lashes.

Why Us?

  • We can create a masterpiece while you enjoy the soothing ambiance at our place.
  • Hygiene is the basic principle for us, so we sterilize our tools after each use.
  • We offer a variety of eye makeup and customize it according to your choice.
  • We use products friendly to sensitive areas of the eye