hair color protection service

Hair Color Protection Service

Fading away of hair color is common. Proper care and maintenance are required to keep your hair shining. When hair color is lightened, it starts turning grey and sometimes throws an unwanted yellow tone. Fading away of color creates a weird look. However, you can save your hair color with a color protection service. It not only protects your hair color but also nourishes it.

Our Color Protection Services

We have a wide range of hair color protecting products. Here, you will see how keenly hairstylists observe your hair. They check every strand before getting started. Color protecting shampoo, cream, shining lotions are applied. They will nourish your hair and rebuild the lost protein.

Shine seal lotion is applied to protect highlights from turning yellow.

Color radiance hair mask gives creamy texture from root to tip. It will add smoothness to your hair.

Why Choose us?

You can keep your hair color looking fresh with this service. Our hairstylists are a keen observers and efficient. They will complete the task while you enjoy the ambiance.

No matter what colors or highlighters you put on your hair, our talented hairstylists know how to manage it. Our service will add a boost of shine to your hair.

  • Replenish hair color.
  • Add creamy texture.
  • Refreshed look.
  • Maintain highlights.
  • Boost of shine.