How to take care of your hair after straightening?

When you have a shiny straight hair then everyone turns to you as the sunflower turns towards Sun. Either a temporary straightening or permanent, it has harmful effects on your delicate hair but it doesn’t mean that you can’t straighten your hair for the desired look. Of course, it is pernicious to your hair, but improper hair care is carelessness.

Straight hair not only looks gorgeous but also is easily manageable. In silky and straight hair, it becomes very easy to pick any style. If you straighten your hair for any occasion (wedding, party, and hangout) or daily office look it is prone to dryness, dandruff. Hair fall is also a common after effect.

Our hair is made up of a protein called ‘keratin’ which gets damaged when you apply chemical or overheat it. If you are accustomed to ironing your hair daily, you must have faced issues like dryness, hair fall, loss of lustre. If you go for permanent straightening and do not take proper care of it, it can have its after-effects. No need to compromise, here are some tips which can make your life easy.

Temporary straightening

Generally, what you do? Search different hairstyles on the internet and get one. Before leaving for a party you look at the mirror and applaud yourself. But what after it? You end up with a messy hair. Now you have a long battle to fight with stubborn locks and dry hair. If you want a perfectly smooth hair without damages, you must scroll down for best 4 tips-

Heat it up

You must do this before to set up to iron your hair. Serum protects your hair from keratin damage and provides a long-lasting lustre to your hair. Only two to three drops are enough. Especially apply it to the lower end of your hair properly. It will let your hair withstand high temperature.


Every one of us has ignored this advice of our mother and has faced repercussions.
When you straighten your hair, your hair turns dry it becomes very hard to unlock your hair. As soon as you come back from your party or office immediately apply oil to your hair and massage your scalp. Ideally, oiling is necessary twice a week.

Apply conditioner

Provide your hair with proper moisture. There are many conditioners available in the market. You can choose the one which suits you best. Many people find applying a natural conditioner like Aloe Vera, egg, fenugreek for natural conditioning.


Before going to bed, make it a habit to braid your hair. This is a protective hairstyle. A loose braid is better than open hair because it becomes easy to unlock it in the morning.

Permanent hair straightening

This is a good option for the one who doesn’t want to struggle with frizz on the daily. Some may want to keep their hair away from chemical treatment. But you don’t need to break your heart because everything is possible with a little care. After all, self-care is the utmost priority.

• Don’t rinse it off immediately – wait for three to four days before you rush to wash it.
• Do not tie your hair- Keep it open for a few days, don’t even try to put it behind your ear.
• Keep it straight while sleeping

Spa Treatment

– after permanent straightening, this is the best option. Instead of following a hectic procedure on your own it is better to go for a Spa treatment. Let your hair go through the proper procedure of treatment. spare some time for this from your busy schedule.

Frequent trim

– People often avoid hair trim. It is an important hair care tip because in every six to eight months our hair demands this service. So have some mercy on your hair and protect it from split ends.

Protect it

– You spend a lot to get one glossy hair look, now protecting it is your duty. Check the level of pollution in your area. Sun rays and dust can damage your new glossy hair. Wear a fancy scarf and carry an umbrella. If possible, avoid going outside for a few days.

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