Latest Indian Bridal Makeup Tips and Trends

Indian wedding is full of colors and emotions. The center of attraction is a bride, so it is normal for a bride to get anxious about her makeup. There are a lot of factors behind the glowing face of a bride. Self-care and magic of makeup serve the purpose.
It takes a lot of planning and research to find the right products and the best bridal makeup artist. Makeup artists must understand your expectations for your look. Also, you should be clear in your head regarding the kind of look you want on your D-day. Be open to your makeup artist; tell your wishes openly to your makeup artist.

Ask your grandmother how makeup was used to be done in earlier days. Now the makeup industry has grown much, still, you need to take care of your side. Here are some tips for trendy bridal makeup:-

base makeup Noida

Base makeup

Try to understand that your aim is not to hide your original skin but to improve it. No bride wants either a cakey or a stark look on her face, so follow below mention tips for even skin tone.

  • Face Moisturization-This is thefirst and most important step before initiating makeup. Only use branded moisturizers. Cheap moisturizers give cuts and unevenness on the skin.
  • Face primer- To get flawless skin, apply a good quality primer. Don’t skip this step because it will set the stage for flawless skin.
  • Foundation- the whole makeup depends on the foundation. The right shade will drive you in the right direction. Remember you don’t only have to look beautiful in real but in photographs as well. To avoid pale look in photographs you need to take care of the right shade. Much before your wedding day, go out and try different shades. Your foundation shade must be one shade lighter than your skin tone. The application of the foundation should vary with the timing of the function.
  • Blusher- Determine the color of blusher and quantity to be applied carefully. It should match your skin tone.

eye makeup Noida

Eye makeup

Tell your makeup artist clearly what you want in your eye makeup. Go bold with smoky eyes or shimmer with glittery eyes.

  • Use angled brush- If you are wearing gel eyeliners, the angled brush should be used. Invest in a good quality branded brush.
  • Eyelashes- Either wear fake eyelashes or curl the original eyelashes with good quality mascara.

lip makeup Noida

Bridal Lip Makeup Tips

It is up to you whether you want to go bold with a dark shade or want to keep it simple. Understand your lip size. If you have thin lips, try lip liner matching to your shade or lip plumper.

  • Matt lipstick- if you are going for glittery eyes, mattify your lip look. Glossy lips with shimmery eyes create an awful look.
  • Lip shade- the shade should enhance your features. It should go with your outfit or create a beautiful contrast.
  • Plumper- if you have thin lips, use plumper. Its molecules will give your lips a fuller look to some extent.

There are many things which matter, but these tips are must-needed for a trendy bridal makeup look. I hope this will help.

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