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Nail Art and Nail Extension By Experts

The hands are a very important part of a woman specially the nails. The nail art and nail extension that are being used are a global trend. What customers ask the most are acid colors, animated figures or decorations according to the season? In addition to being a reflection of femininity, they have become a means of expression, because through designs and colors you can give free rein to creativity and strengthen your personality. Hence nail art and extension is a must by expert.

Nail Art in Noida is very popular these days and it is worth giving it a try. If you do not have long nails for the nail art, the experts would help you with nail extension so that you can look the best and dawn the nail art with ease.

An undeniable fashion to all intents and purposes is colorful nails when summer arrives. Nails fun, summer, colorful and, above all, original. There are numerous nail art Salon in Noida specialized in acrylic, semi-permanent or porcelain nails with which to perform authentic works of art in this small piece of the body, both hands and feet. Portraits, fruits, the famous unicorn of this summer, or any symbol or drawing that you can think of … An art that is expressed through a meticulous and elaborate technique, perfect and of great quality. Leave your nails in the hands of these professionals and let yourself be surprised.

Our Nail Art Services:

We are one of best Nail Salon in Noida. We have expert team which provides different kind of art:-

Nails gel

Gel nails are recommended for fragile nails that do not grow for any reason, unless it is because you bite them. In this case, it is more advisable to go for porcelain or acrylic nails.

There are 2 ways to build gel nails, with a tip or with meld. To advise you which would be the most appropriate, our specialist has to see your natural nails. You can request an appointment without commitment for a diagnosis.

Porcelain nails

Porcelain or acrylic nails are recommended for brittle nails, especially bitten nails. The adherence of the porcelain is better than that of the gel in these cases, since very probably you will hardly have natural nails.

There are 2 ways to build porcelain or acrylic nails, with tip or with mold. To advise you which would be the most appropriate, it is best to let the specialist make a diagnosis of your nails. In Meegash Nail And Pedicure Salon In Noida you can request an appointment without obligation to receive this type of information.