root touch up hair services

Root Touch up

In root touch up, hair color is applied around root area only. It is very useful to cover the grey area. New hair growth at roots leaves your hair unmatched with the rest part of the hair. A thick and healthy hair from roots adds charm to your personality. You often need someone to get it done because proper sectioning of hair is the key to achieve the best result. People spend time and money at home and then go for color correction at a salon. It is better to get a root touch up service at the salon.

Our Root Touch up Service

  • Depending upon the type of root coverage, we provide the best suggestions. Our hairstylists can understand the demand of customers.
  • We stress on following a proper procedure so first, we shampoo bowl your hair to soften darker hair at roots.
  • At first glance, roots catch the attention. Uneven spreading of hair color at roots can ruin your look. We specially take care of that.
  • Your dark hair growth may create a contrast with blonde hair at the end. Our experts can fill the gap and gives you a refreshing look.

Why Us?

We use the best quality of hair colors, shampoo, and conditioner. So you can leave the anxiety of hair damage. Come and seek suggestions from our hairstylists before getting started. You can have a variety of suggestions and we will get you the best one. You can experience a healthy hair life after our service.