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Scalp Treatments

Healthy hair is a sign of healthy scalp. One should check the status of his/her scalp from time to time. There could be redness in your scalp due to stress and anxiety. Formation of white flakes on the scalp due to moisture and pollution is also a common problem faced by people.

People often turn to various products available in the market. However, dandruff and other problems don’t die with this solution. It can turn the situation worse.

Our Scalp Services

Our hair technician will show the condition of your scalp. They will talk to you about the history of your hair condition. They will start the process after proper analysis.

  • Dirt and moisture stick on your head, so steam is provided to remove them.
  • Proper shampooing and conditioning including head massage are done by our stylists with the suitable products.
  • provide head massage for the blood circulation in the scalp.

Why us?

Get consulted by the best hairstylists here. You can feel the difference before and after scalp treatment, we will show it up to you.

We only use products of the premium quality.