Trending Bridal Hairstyles that You Must Explore

Tradition and culture are what a bride represents on her wedding day. A south Indian bride wears kanjivaram saree while in north India red and maroon lehengas with churas are counted in traditional things. Similarly, the hairstyle also speaks out the culture you have. Today, it is possible to carry tradition with a touch of glamour if you want to. Now, your hairstyle should speak about you along with your culture. A messy bun shows the care-free attitude and a tight bun shows elegance.

If you are a bride to be, you must have started looking for bridal looks. You may have completed the hunt for makeup and dress and now it is a time for a hairstyle. In this blog, I have tried to cover all categories, short, long hair, hairstyle for different cultures, etc. I would suggest that before heading towards different style explore your personality and how you want to radiate it on your D-day.

Trending hairstyles that you must explore-

For clear understanding I have divided this bridal hairstyle in to three categories-

  • Bun
  • Side parted or open
  • Braids


Beautiful bun

  1. Sleek tight bun- this hairstyle brings out the elegance of a young, mature face. Make sure you carry this with a hairstyle with a lot of confidence. You can ask your stylist to put some flowers on a bun if you want to.
  2. Messy bun- This beautiful bun style creates a view of a fun-loving personality. This hairstyle shows the effortlessness but effectiveness at the same time. It will suit you best if you are a car-free personality.
  3. Dramatic centre-this is an ideal hairstyle for an Indian bride and is always appreciated. A traditional centered-parted bun is an evergreen hairstyle, you can ask your hairstylists to add some twist and turns in it.
  4. Dutch braid bun- this is a simple but attractive hairstyle.This is a fake juda, in case there is a lack of volume, you can try this.
  5. Gajra covered bun-again this is a traditional hairstyle but always a hit one.


Side parted or open hairstyles

  1. Side swept curls- this simple side swept curls compliment your perfect outfit and glamorous makeup.
  2. Casual straight hair- minimum styling is also a style. Go with this effortless hairstyle and show a divine face with a beautiful smile on your face.
  3. Feathered hair with jhumar- jhumra is the most elegant piece of jewelry especially used in aMuslim wedding. Simply blow-dry your hair into feather- like waves.
  4. Flicked out ends– this unique hairstyle also qualifies for a bridal hairstyle. This half-hairdo will fill your evening with compliments.
  5. Centre parted curls- non- traditional is a trending one. Get a look like princess in a fairytale.



It is up to you whether you want to go bold with a dark shade or want to keep it simple. Understand your lip size. If you have thin lips, try lip liner matching to your shade or lip plumper.

  1. Poola jada braid– long braid is more relevant in south India.Poolajada (flower accessories) beautifully placed on long braids with kanjeevaram saree completes a bride’s look.
  2. Voluminous braid- ditch the traditional braid with this modern voluminous braid with some flowers tangled in it.
  3. French mermaid- another beautiful hairstyle for a cheerful baby face. This hairstyle especially goes with Punjabi facial features. However, anyone can carry this beautiful hairstyle.
  4. Dutch fishtail- at the top; it starts with a dutch braid and ends with a fishtail giving you a princess look.
  5. Double sided braid- if you want to show the confident and modern bride of today’s generation, pick this style.

This is not the end of the list, there many other hairstyles that you can try. I hope this will help to give you a clear picture.

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